【Coll. 1226】Prof. Li Chen: Analysis on Keller-Segel Models in Chemotaxis
时间:2018-12-24  浏览:373次

Speaker:  Professor Li Chen,  University of Mannheim

Title: Analysis on Keller-Segel Models in Chemotaxis

Abstract: I this talk I will summerize some of our contributions in the analysis of parabolic elliptic Keller-Segel system, a typical model in chemotaxis. For the case of linear diffusion, after introducing the critical mass in two dimension, I will show our result for blow-up conditions for higher dimension. The second part of the talk is concentrated in the critical exponent for Keller-Segel system with porus media type diffusion. In the end, motivated from the result on nonlocal Fisher-KPP equation, we show that the nonlocal reaction will also help in preventing the blow-up of the solutions.

报告时间:2018-12-26 11:00 - 12:00