【Coll. 1027】Dr. 赖秀兰: Mathematical modeling about cancer combination therapy
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Title: Mathematical modeling about cancer combination therapy

Abstract: In this talk I want to talk about the mathematical modeling of cancer combination treatment. As an example, I will talk about the scheduling problem. One of the challenges in cancer treatment with a combination of two drugs is the scheduling of the treatment: Should the two drugs be administered simultaneously or non-overlappingly, and, in the latter case, in which order. This question should be addressed before embarking on any clinical trial, specially in the case where one agent may influence the effectiveness of the other agent. We developed a mathematical model to address this scheduling question. We take one drug to be anti-VEGF, which is known to affect the perfusion of other drugs. As a second drug we take anti-PD-1. Both drugs are known to increase the activation of anticancer T cells. Our simulation results show that in the case where anti-VEGF reduces the perfusion, the non-overlapping schedule is significantly more effective than the simultaneous injection, and that there is a slight advantage in injecting anti-PD-1 first.

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