【Coll.0316】王哲博士: Deep Learning in Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
时间:2018-03-08  浏览:601次

Speaker:  Dr. Zhe Wang

Title: A Brief Introduction to Deep Learning in Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation

Time: 2018-03-16, 18:30-19:30

Venue: Room 316 of Environment Building, Renmin University


In recent years, deep learning has made remarkable developments in various computer vision tasks. In this talk, I will briefly review some pioneering works as well as recent methods in the fields of object detection and semantic segmentation. Some insights will be shared on how to improve deep learning systems with different visual cues and context information. Then several award winning works of our group will be introduced, including 1st entry in ImageNet2016 object detection challenge, and 1st entry in DAVIS2017 video segmentation challenge.

简介:王哲博士,2017年毕业于香港中文大学电子系,现任商汤科技有限公司高级研究员,从事计算机视觉、深度学习、医学成像方向研究。目前在国际顶级期刊TPAMI/TCSVT,顶级会议CVPR/ECCV/MICCAI等发表论文9篇,申请发明专利8项。多次参加国际计算机视觉竞赛,曾获ImageNet15`/16`物体检测挑战第一、DAVIS17`视频物体分割挑战第一。担任MIA, TBME, MICCAI, VCIP等期刊及会议审稿人。