明平兵教授报告:Critical Issues in Multiscale Modeling and Methods in Solids
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报告摘要:Multiscale modeling and simulation have been quite popular in many fileds for almost two decades. I will discuss several critical issues in multiscale modeling and simulation, in particluar for crystalline solids. Cauchy-Born rule and quasicontinuum method are used as showcases. The former is the bridge between the atomistic model and the continuum mechanics model of crystalline solids, while the latter is among the most popular multiscale method for modeling the elastically deformation of the crystalline solids. On the one hand, we shall discuss the validity of Cauchy-Born rule and the accuracy of quasicontinuum method in the framework of the classical numerical analysis. On the other hand, we shall also discuss the limitation of the classical numerical analysis framework when applied to multiscale modeling.