Modeling Biological Phenomena by Parabolic PDEs and their Analysis
June 7, 2019
Room 2218, Renmin University of China
Invited Speakers:

Shangbing Ai    University of Alabama in Huntsville

Xiulan Lai      Renmin University of China

Fang Li        Sun Yat-sen University

Kanako Suzuki  Ibaraki University

Sohei Tasaki    RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research

Tian Xiang      Renmin University of China

Eiji Yanagida    Tokyo Institute of Technology

Organizing Committee:

Yuan Lou, Izumi Takagi and Eiji Yanagida

Local Organizing Committee:

Xinqi Gong, Xiulan Lai, Jun Wang, Tian Xiang,

Yuanlin Chen, Lingling Hou, Hongyuan Jiang, Rui Li, Shizhao Ma, Conghui Zhang


Registration is free. Participants are required to register online before May 27,2019. We are sorry to limit the total number of participants to 40 due to the capacity of the room.