Summer School on “Theory of Elliptic Equations
and Parabolic Equations and their applications”

July 3rd-14th, 2017

Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Renmin University of China

Speakers and Topics:

1.  Steve Cantrell, University of Miami and RUC, Resource Matching in Ecology and Evolutionary Advantage in Spatially Heterogeneous Habitats

2.  Bei Hu, University of Notre Dame and RUC, Regularity of elliptic equations

3.  King Yeung Lam, Ohio State University, Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations, and Dirac Concentrations in Evolutionary Game Theory

4.  Yuan Lou, Ohio State University and RUC, Persistence, Competition and Evolution

5.  Izumi Takagi, Tohoku University and RUC, A variational problem arising from a model of morphogenesis --- emergence of spatial structure against heterogeneous backgrounds

6.  Chuan Xue, Ohio State University, From stochastic models to PDE models of bacterial chemotaxis: a multiscale approach

Registered participants :
Name Position Institution
吕杨 Student 陕西科技大学
Qian Liu Student Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Renmin University of China
Ran Yang Student Shandong University
杨洪 Student 哈尔滨工业大学
De Tang Student hunan university
Li Ma Student hunan university
Huang Mingdi Student Xidian University
Dong Li Student Hunan University
姜红岩 Student Shanghai Normal University
WuLina(武丽娜) Student Department of Methematics, Tsinghua University
Zhaohai Ma Student Beijing Normal University
qing li Student capital normal university
Xin Yin Student Tsinghua University
Hui Yang Student Tsinghua University
Yuan HaiLong Student Shaanxi University of Science & Technology
Mengqiu Shao Student Qufu Normal University
Danhua Jiang Student Lanzhou University
李亚俊 Student 大连理工大学数学科学学院
Ting Chen Student Shandong University
王雅璇 Student Capital Normal University
徐斐 Student 大连理工大学数学科学学院
Xiangdong, Zhao Student Dalian University of Technology
LuoSenping Student Tsinghua University
余路娟 Student 大连理工大学数学科学学院
beibei Wang Student Lanzhou University
Junfang Wang Student Lanzhou University
张浩 Student 首都师范大学
Yiting wu Student Renmin University of China
Qin Xing Student Shandong University
Yang Zuo Student Tsinghua University
Qi Wang Lecturer University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Qian Guo Student Dalian University of Technology
Tao Zhou Student University of Science and Technology of China
Lingyu Li Student Shandong University
赵相东 Student 大连理工大学
Wenxiu Gong Student RUC
石垚 Student 陕西师范大学
Qian Cao Student School of Mathematics and Information Science of ShaanXi Normal University
Zou Rong Student Hunan university
Na Min Student Harbin Institute of Technology
Haomin Huang Student Harbin Institute of Technology
Zhang Yang Lecturer Harbin Engineering University
Mo Jia Student Tianjin University
刘思妤 Student HIT
Conghui Zhang Student Shaanxi Normal University
WU Shuang Student Shandong university
耿云凤 Student RUC
王彦涛 Student 南方科技大学
刘爽 Student 中国人民大学数学科学研究院
Pengfei Song Student Xi`an Jiaotong University
李崴 Student ruc
yang dongyu Student ruc
Jitai Liang Student Harbin Institute of Technology
Mugen Huang Post-doc Guangzhou University
Qian Ding Student Guangzhou university
李瑞刚 Student 陕西师范大学
李双妃 Student 陕西师范大学
李星星 Student 陕西师范大学
Mingmin Zhang Student University of Science and Technology of China
Wangning Student Lanzhou University