July 6-31, 2015

Beijing The Tophams Hotel Babylon:

Standard room: 327 yuan / day

Big bed room: 343 yuan / day

Suite: 370 yuan / day

Tel: 010-62559966


       Haidian District Haidian Street Nankou (Tonghui Temple No. 3)  

The reference distance:

       0.97 kilometers from the Renmin University of China


Cheap in Fasthotel (Beijing people`s University Branch):

Standard room: 218 yuan / day

Big bed room: 218 yuan / day

Business Standard Room: 256 yuan / day

Business big bed room: 256 yuan / day

Tel: 010- 62639382


       Haidian District Shuangyushu Sirirath building 10, near Shuangyushu park.

(also known as Xinan Hotel) 

The reference distance:

        0.53 km away from the straight-line distance of Renmin University of China


Beijing Yanshan Hotel:

Apartment standard room: 360 yuan / day

Superior room: 488 yuan / day

Business room: 608 yuan / day 

Deluxe Suite 640 yuan / day

Business suite: 740 yuan / day

Tel: 010-62563388


        Haidian District Zhongguancun street, No. 38, near people`s University and contemporary mall.

The reference distance:

        0.3 km away from Renmin University of China


7 Days Inn (Beijing Zhongguancun people`s University Branch):

Economic housing: 241 yuan / day

Big bed room: 259 yuan / day

Double: 277yuan / day  

Tel: 010-62577877


        Haidian District Suzhou Street 49-2, near South Haidian Road (near people`s University Simon)

The reference distance:

        0.3 km away from the people`s University Simon


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